A wiki for my cameras

 A wiki for my cameras

Most of the information I've written down about my cameras is either on my wiki or in random blog posts. I've decided to try and consolidate things in a new, separate wiki (using TiddlyWiki). It was trivial to drag and drop my original camera notes from the main wiki into this new wiki. I then copied the wiki file to my server, and it now lives here:

👉 jackbaty.com/cameras

It's very much a work-in-progress. My intention is to flesh out the individual entries and catch up on the TODO list. If that goes well, I may include some of my photos or notes on process. After that, maybe I'll add information about photographers who've inspired me. Or not, who knows? TiddlyWiki makes all this easy, but it is also kind of weird. I'll try to keep it easy as I can to navigate.

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21 Jun 2024 at 16:23

How's it going with Ghost?

 Ever since I disabled everything related to newsletter signups and memberships, Ghost has been a pleasure to work with. The editor is as good or better than any. It's fast, self-hosting feels good, and it's free (aside from hosting fees). Creating fancy photo galleries couldn't be easier. I finally found a theme that doesn't feel pleadingly self-promotional.

And yet, after years of static, local, markdown-based blogging tools, putting stuff into Ghost makes me twitchy. With every new post, I feel like I'm painting myself into a corner. The only export option is a JSON file, which people keep telling me is better, but then I can never find a utility for working with them the way I want to. I'm terrible at tweaking Ghost's templates, but can't resist trying. Then after I do that, updates to the original theme (which I paid $149 for) need to be selectively applied. And there's no way I'm setting up a local dev environment.

I should just let it go, roll with the way Ghost works, and move forward. Don't worry about some hypothetical future migration. Cross that bridge later. But I don't know if I can do that. Even though I'm self-hosting, I don't feel in control. It doesn't feel like mine. I kind of want my blog to feel more like mine, you know? My Kirby blog is still on deck.

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20 Jun 2024 at 11:48

Just right

Is Bear too simple? It might be too simple. Is Emacs too complex? It might be too complex. Is Obsidian just right? It might be just right, even though I don't like using it. It must be Thursday.

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20 Jun 2024 at 11:06

Roll-160 (Nikon F100/Portra)

 Sometimes a roll just doesn't work out. This was a roll of Portra 400 expired since 2012. I metered for ISO 200 to compensate. But then, when loading the reel into the JOBO, I didn't fasten the lid well enough. During rotary processing, most of the chemicals leaked out. At the same time, light was leaking in. About half the roll was completely ruined. The other half suffered from uneven development and light leaks. Live and learn, I guess.

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18 Jun 2024 at 17:06

Roll-159 (Hasselblad/Portra)

 More from our Father's Day picnic. This time with the Hasselblad and expired (2012) Portra 400. Given that it's been expired more than a decade, I shot the roll metered at 200 ISO. It still feels underexposed.

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18 Jun 2024 at 10:59

Roll-157 (Nikon FM2n/HP5)

 Roll-157 (Nikon FM2n/HP5)

My wife and I met my daughter's family for a Father's Day picnic in a nearby park. My grandson loved the swing, so most of the roll ended up of him on the swing.

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17 Jun 2024 at 11:12

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