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Hi, I'm Colin. You can find out a bit more on the about page.
You're most likely here to read the blog.
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I mess about with code, take a look at some of my projects.
I make music.
I wrote an ebook.
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Still unwell and off work. Harry had to go to A&E as he has been particularly bad since yesterday — turns out he has very bad tonsillitis and is now on antibiotics.

I've had a sore throat today to go with the headache and stuffiness. Hopefully I've not got it as well.

In other news, spent some time getting Bluesky replies showing on the blog. What should happen is that when something gets cross-posted it's entry in the database is updated with the post ID on Bluesky. Then, when viewing a post, any replies are pulled in to the comments section:

 Bluesky replies displayed on my blog

I need to pretty it up a bit and the adding of post ID hasn't been live tested yet but it's almost there.

Colin Walker Colin Walker

Colin Walker