It all started with a desire to create a habit. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it — wanting to be less sporadic, less inconsistent? What I didn’t know was that this desire would take me through joy, pain, burn out and depression. It's Only Words: lessons learnt from a year of writing something, anything every day.
Lesson 1 - What is writing? Lesson 2 - Like any other habit Lesson 3 - Our own inspiration Lesson 4 - Big ideas, little ideas Lesson 5 - Everything is derivative Lesson 6 - Identity is fluid Lesson 7 - What is authenticity? Lesson 8 - Trigger and therapy Lesson 9 - Writing and the truth Lesson 10 - Balance and burnout Lesson 11 - Writing changes people Download this free 20,000+ word ebook in your desired format: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

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