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I have taken all this week off work to help out with Harry but have also been taking advantage of the time to do a bit of work on the site, tidying some things up and looking at how I can further build out the integrated Garden-like approach.

The page to display posts from on individual label is essentially complete, including pagination. I'm now working on a page to act as a new home for all labels and threads, essentially a replacement for the Garden; somewhere to begin an exploration of thought and ideas.

I came across Bobbie Johnson's blog called Start Here. As with most sites, the page title links back to the homepage but as the page title is "Start Here" I thought that was an excellent play on the convention. It's a call to action. I'm considering calling the Garden replacement "Start Here" — a place where someone can get away from the chronological blog format and get lost amongst the thoughts, snippets and theads.

Things are very much work in progress but I like the idea of having these different views sit alongside the blog, different presentations of some of the same material, just a little more structured.

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