Hey there  👋

I'm Colin. You can find out a bit more about me here.
This is how you can get in touch:
My sole outlet on the web is my blog, please feel free to leave a comment or send a webmention.
My preferred means of communication is email, I find it the best way to keep in touch. Better still, why not become a pen pal.
I don't publicly advertise my phone number but if you wanted to chat I'm sure we could work something out. Start by mailing me.
I have an account on micro.blog and occasionally interact there. If you @ me I'll pick it up eventually.
I am dabbling with Bluesky (@colinwalker.blog) — just starting small.
I do not have X (Twitter), LinkedIn or Instagram accounts, am not on any Mastodon instances, and don't use WhatsApp.
While I do have a Facebook account again (long story) I never log in to the service beyond using the Messenger app on my phone to keep in touch with family, so please don't try to contact me there.
This is a Hello page inspired by Alastair Johnston. if you have your own site why not create one.


blogger, music maker, hobbyist coder, geek