Egret having breakfast. 6:00 am Saturday morning. 47° with light rain. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. More photos from this morning’s walk here and here.

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20 Apr 2024 at 13:37

T.G.I.F.: Don’t let the clock cut up your life in pieces


I sit up late dumb as a cow,
which is to say
somewhat conscious with thirst and
hunger, an eye for the new moon
and the morning’s long walk
to the water tank. Everywhere
around me the birds are waiting
for the light. In this world of dreams
don’t let the clock cut up
your life in pieces.

Jim Harrison, “Rumination” from Jim Harrison: The Essential Poems, by Jim Harrison


  • More DK Photos of a Juvenile Egret at Cove Island Park on April 18 2024 here.
  • Poem: Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels.
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19 Apr 2024 at 16:04

(Old) Man Down….


Yes, a Rant. It’s been a while. And in my current condition, it seems to be rolling from Mind to fingers to keys to page. If you are highly sensitive, skip this post, whack me with a comment, or toughen up. While I lean Liberal, I do believe that those that borrow, should pay it back, like the rest of us who passed on vacations, lived within our means, and don’t expect the Government to clean up our bad decisions.

But I digress..

This all started a few days back. The event was a harbinger of things to come, a dark cloud hanging low and tracking. Ouspensky says: “The strangest and most fantastic fact about negative emotions is that people actually worship them.” And in the Negative, lies this Agnostic’s God.

I digress. Back to the story.

I shared a comment on a photo series on Instagram. Oh, Sorry, it’s “Insta” as the younger generations call it. More evidence of doing anything to cut corners, do less work, get Govt handouts and make my Generation look like Pterodactyls. And I don’t want to hear this crap (kernels of truth that may exist), that our Generation ran up the debt, polluted the Oceans, dumped forever chemicals in our drinking water, and cut with abandon the carbon producing forests. Always some stupid shortcut — it’s Instagram you lazy scoundrels.

And again, my apologies, I digress.

After sharing some constructive feedback in an INSTA comment, the reply was, “WTH do you know you old Coot.”

I mean really, that escalated quickly.

I had to look up Coot, figuring for sure this was some form of discrimination that I can litigate on. Old-white-Man-Coot. Sounds offensive to me. “Coot” – simple and harmless.

The glancing scud didn’t hit me directly but I did wonder which cut was deeper, that I was an idiot, simple, or harmless, or that I was just Old.

And the conclusion was “Old” cut much deeper. I ruminated as to why. It’s been 1,443 (almost) consecutive days on my Daybreak walks at Cove Island Park, and I don’t see any of the 150,000 residents of this town catching up to the sure-to-be Guinness World Record achievement.

But there it was. “OLD.’ Was it factually incorrect? No. Was it a slight that I couldn’t keep up? Perhaps. But OLD, was flat out nothing that I could correct. And another shortcoming of the younger generations, get constructive feedback, reply with a punch to the solar plexus, not nice. Ooooooof.

Then it was Sunday. Wally threw up 4x on his play date and must have contracted some contagious canine flu. It was slow moving. It first anchored itself on the Weak, my Son, and then Susan. I made sure to remind them that you don’t see me lying around in bed, complaining about projectile vomit and diarrhea. No Sir. I get my COVID and flu shots, I wash my hands frequently, and I try to avoid crowds. And the result, look at me, not sick 1x since before the onset of COVID. No colds. No flu. Man-Up People. These viruses look at this specimen and mumble, there’s no point, He’s impenetrable.

Eric, #1 Son, groomed by yours truly, way way higher SAT scores than his Dad (not that anyone is counting or cares) counters with “Dad, that may be the case. Another more likely Hypothesis is that you never leave the house, your only Google Map route is from Home to Cove Island Park, and the likelihood of catching anything is remote if you don’t leave a 20 miles radius from home with zero human interaction.” I was stunned by this insubordination; separating the Truths from it all. First it’s some random wanna-be-Insta-Influencer bombing me on my Age on a public site and now my #1 Son trashing me. Hmmmpf.

Set that all aside for a moment. This morning was another amazing morning at Cove Island Park. I completed my daybreak walk. I’m moving around that park like an Olympic Race Walker. Nothing OLD about this Man. And as I walk, I’m stacking up the retorts that will fly on my INSTA comments, because unprovoked missile attacks must be responded with heat for deterrence — and, I certainly don’t fear a public escalation at my age, OLD — let’s have at it, and see if you can top my ability to humiliate myself in public. We’ll see who is a old, simple, harmless sh*t.

And then, there’s the rest of the story.

10 a.m.

Stomach pains. No! Can’t be this stomach bug. And had to be my Breakfast. Healthy Yogurt, sprinkled with granola, raspberries, blueberries, and wait, a handful of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips to finish it off. This was followed by a handful and a half of Costco Chocolate covered almonds. And, this was chased with Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Full 12 oz bottle. After each layer of this ‘breakfast‘, I knew that this all would bite, but the addict needs his fix, and it’s not the first time this dish was served on the menu, with a mere stomach grumble to show for it.

So, it was Breakfast. Had to be. This will pass.

Then, came the chills.

Then came the body aches.

And then, Vesuvius showed up.

DK: “Can someone tell me why it is so bloody cold in here, I’m shivering?”

SK: “Excuse me?

DK: “It’s cold.”

SK: “It didn’t seem cold when you were haranguing us about burning oil in April. What did you say – it’s a waste! Put on a sweater.”

DK: Hmmmmmm.

DK: “Why is nobody responding to my banging on the wall, or my texts — for help. I mean, given my age, OLD, doesn’t anyone give a sh*t, I could be dead in here while Eric is on Playstation and you are watching the 43rd re-run of HDTV.”

SK: “Like you did for us?”

DK: “Are you kidding? I checked in.”

DK: “And, seriously, my strain of flu is like 6x more severe than your strain. I have a serious issue here.”

SK: Out comes the thermometer. 97.2 reading. “See, your temperature is same as mine.”

DK: “You can’t be serious. The trend line here is horrible. Based on the temperature in the room, my temperature could fall to 70 and then we’ll have a real problem.”

Susan walks out laughing, like less than zero sympathy..

Eric walks in. He tosses me an Imodium pill and a Tuque. “Take the pill, it will block you up, and if you’re cold, put this on.”

Really — that’s the care I get from co-producing him?

I’m lying here, in this sad soup. Every single body part hurts. I’m chilled. And here comes Wally to give me some love.

“God Bless you Wally.”

Wally sniffs me up and down, turns up his noise, and runs to Mom. Wow.

I’m a Coot and I smell.

I’m in big trouble.


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17 Apr 2024 at 23:58

where I simply look…the moment’s chance (9 sec)


What happens every day is what’s surprising. The treasure’s never where I look to find it but where I simply look — the sky, the wind, sunrise, a silver arc, the moment’s chance.

— Ursula K. Le Guin, from “The Everyday (At Kishamish)” in “Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems”

Feather blowing in the wind. Twilight. 5:52 am. April 17, 2024. Cove Island Park. Stamford, CT.

More photos from this morning’s walk here.

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17 Apr 2024 at 13:18

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