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I was going to switch back to iOS with the iPhone 11 Pro yesterday, my family had even clubbed together and bought me a new Apple Watch series 3 for Christmas, but it turns out my carrier (O2) has changed their upgrade policy.

Previously, you had been able to upgrade after only a year of your two year contract by trading in your current phone to clear the rest of the cost. Now, however, while you can trade in and upgrade early, they only give you their "recycle" price rather than covering the whole amount.

I have £384 left to pay for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro but their trade in price is only £150. That's just crazy! I can't afford to cover the extra £234 so it looks like I'm stuck with Android until next year and the iPhone 12.

The Watch is going to be returned tonight.

One positive is that I'll be able to get back to upgrading on launch day as I'll only have one month to pay and the Mate 20 Pro should cover that. If it doesn't then there's something seriously wrong.

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# In March of last year I wrote that I hardly ever used my iPad and wasn't sure why. I made a vow to "finally make friends" with it but that lasted all of a week.

I now carry a work iPad Pro in my work bag all the time and still never use it beyond moving things from Simplenote to Drafts.

I just don't know why I have such a mental block with it. Is it the form factor? Is it that I'm so used to doing everything on a phone? Is it because it's in the bag and there's the additional friction of getting it out and ensuring there's somewhere to set up?

Maybe it's because it's a work iPad and there's a subconscious isolation happening in my brain that prevents me from investing in it as I make a point of keeping home and work separate.

Being unable to change back to an iPhone this time around has prompted me to rethink what I'm using, and why, and this question came back because of that.

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