Falling out of love with the Apple Watch

# It didn't take much.

I used to wear the Apple Watch every day and used it for activity tracking, notifications and driving directions but I have fallen out of love with it.

When off sick for almost a month a while back (yes, four weeks all but a day) I had no real reason to wear it.

I was largely sedentary due to constant coughing and difficulty breathing so obviously wasn't tracking any activity. My phone and laptop were always on hand so I also didn't need to worry about notifications.

I just stopped putting it on in the mornings and have never gone back.

No doubt, much of the reason I wore it every day was habit - it was just part of my routine. Likewise, not wearing it became the new habit, the new norm.

I don't jog or go to the gym and tend to follow a similar pattern with regards to the number of steps I take so probably don't really need the watch to monitor this.

Having significantly reduced the number of apps installed on my phone, especially social apps, and consequently the number of notifications I receive the watch feels a bit redundant in this regard.

I know that if I made a point of wearing it again I would redevelop the habit, yet I can't think of a compelling reason to do so. There's no real killer app or function for me.

As such, it would be an empty habit with no real purpose and I'm not sure that's worth pursuing.