# Part of my approach to using the Apple Watch again was trying to do something different. I didn't want to just pull it on again as if nothing had happened.

It may seem basic but changing watch face was a good way to do that.

I used to use the Modular face as I originally thought "why try to recreate an analogue experience on a rectangular, digital device." It also seemed to offer the most amount of information on screen at one time.

But thinking about it, this isn't all that important to me.

As the Watch is normally used for quick glances I wanted just the basics so moved to the Simple face (variant III) as I like the... well, simplicity.

Having the battery indicator on your primary face may be a bit of a waste of a complication slot but, at present, I've not got anything else that I need to have there. I still have a reworked Modular face available that I can swipe to (but I never do) so the battery complication could move in future.

One thing I haven't explored yet is using Workflow on the Watch - that's something I will need to investigate to see if it offers me any utility.