# I hardly ever use my iPad and I'm not completely sure why. The convenience of the phone is certainly one factor but I also think the way I approach using the larger device is a big part of it.

I've always tried to use the iPad in the same way as the phone - and almost exclusively in landscape - but, quite obviously, it's a completely different form factor (despite sharing an OS and apps) so that was never going to work.

I'm determined to give it a proper go so ordered a cheap keyboard case (it's an Air 2 so it's Bluetooth rather than one using the smart connector) which will make me use it more like a laptop than a tablet.

I hoping this distinction will help separate the two devices in my mind so that each performs to its strengths.

  1. benedwards says: #
    I don’t think I would use my iPad nearly as much if I didn’t have an external keyboard for it. With that attached it is truly an excellent writing machine.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      The occasional one, but it’s not something I’ve really followed. I think I’ll definitely be looking at more iPad related stuff in future though.
  2. nitinkhanna says: #
    I agree with @benedwards. When my iPad was attached to a keyboard, I hardly ever used it due to the heavier look and feel. I've freed it and started using it exclusively for reading. I read on the Kindle and my wife reads PDFs on it. Much more use that way. But my experience is different because it's an iPad Mini. YMMW with and iPad Air 2 due to the size.
  3. sumudu says: #
    I have been using my iPad Pro 1 Gen since it came out as my main device. Yes, for most part I had Apple keyboard cover attached to it. With that, I realized I have hardly been using Apple pencil with it. So I removed the keyoard cover about 6 months ago. Since then I have been using the iPad even more. As a result though, it has been seldom, I even open the lid of my brand new MacBook I purchased in December last year.
  4. sumudu says: #
    That said, I have been using the iPad for handwritten note taking havily and i have dozen of notetaking apps of all
  5. sumudu says: #
    I am even thinking whether it was worth that invested in huge amount money getting one!
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    I intend to use it primarily as a writing device so the extra size/weight doesn’t actually matter in that regard.

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