Rejoining Facebook

# So that happened: I rejoined Facebook yesterday against my better judgement but needs must.

I swore to myself I would never do it after deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts so why? And why now?

I was raised and confirmed as Catholic as a child but despite denouncing my faith while still young I have always been interested in religion from an academic standpoint rather than from one of belief. Looking back I think this was even the way when going to church and taking Bible classes as a kid. You can't criticise something, justify your own position or understand someone else's unless you first understand what it is you're having an opinion about.

As I mentioned a little while back, my wife is the reverend for an online church and is always firing theological questions at me or using me as a sounding board. It was, therefore, only natural for her to want me to be named as a consultant to the church and I am more than happy to be so.

I may not be a person of faith but I see the joy it can bring to those who are; I have seen the radical change in my wife, how she has blossomed, since she started walking this path and couldn't possibly do anything but support her.

What's all this got to do with rejoining the Big Blue?

As I said, most of the services and sermons, events and activities are planned, organised and delivered via Facebook, if I'm going to know what's happening and have some kind of input, I need to be where the church is.

I've put my personal feelings about Facebook aside so that I can support my wife, her work, and her congregation.

Good things can and do happen on social networks.

I've locked down my profile, added the bare minimum of information, won't be scrolling down the news feed, and absolutely won't be installing the Facebook app on my phone. I will only be using it for specific, targeted purposes and won't be accepting friend requests apart from immediate family, the church leadership team and, possibly, members of my World of Warcraft guild that I actually know in person (I've been added to a Messenger group used to help plan guild events - another app that won't be installed) but that's it.

I still believe that social networks are toxic when used in an uncontrolled manner, the tactics they employ to make you use them, the emotional blackmail they use when you try to leave and the general state of what passes for discourse; yet, with mindful, purposeful intent I hope to help one tiny corner of it all do something positive.

  1. Jeff Hawkins says: #
    I think that's the right approach... puts those 'tools' in your hands when you need them but distances you from them when you don't want the distractions.
  2. twelvety says: #
    Well-put, and a sober and open-hearted approach! I need to remember that things like this aren’t always all-or-nothing.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks Phil. Indeed, it's not always all it nothing, although I would have kept nothing if left to my own devices, but I really just needed to get over myself, see the bigger picture, and ensure I am managing it properly.