# Phil commented on "Rejoining Facebook" that "things like this aren’t always all-or-nothing."

I need to "find the right blend, establish the correct balance" that allows me to write however circumstances deem appropriate: phone or paper. It's not one or the other, it's not all-or-nothing.

The title of the missing microcast episode was, somewhat coincidentally, "All or nothing".

The universe is trying to tell me something!

  1. simonwoods says: #
    I do feel as though the initial decade of massive social media was accompanied by a significant degree of naitivity from tech enthusiasts. Now an appropriate dose of pragmatism is required to help redress the balance, and that's exactly what I see being applied in your decisions, Colin.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Indeed. The gold rush of the old wild west is well and truly over and we're now trying to live in the crowded towns and cities created during that period. Some have been abandoned but others have become grossly overpopulated and need careful management.