# There's something I've noticed over the past couple of weeks, something that I need to work out.

When writing on paper, rather than on the screen, the act is separated from posting so makes me think deeper about things as there is less distraction. It makes me feel like I should be writing something meaningful every time I pick up the pen.

That's surely a good thing, right?

Using my phone to post more while I've had this issue with my eye has highlighted the different ways I think and post. I have been posting more frequent, shorter, quick-fire items rather than the more considered pieces.

I look at the "On this day" section and, for previous years, see numerous posts per day: a more conversational style, a stream of consciousness approach.

I miss that.

When I talk about "Book 2" I think that approach was one of the things I got right and is definitely something I want to get back to.

Not all the time.

The new daily feed will obviously work best when there are multiple posts written in such a fashion but I have to find the right blend, establish the correct balance that allows me to do both and not artificially limit myself.

Going offline and writing by hand is absolutely one of the best things I've done recently; it's taught me quite a bit about how I think and approach things, although I'm still only on the first steps of the journey.

If I am to truly live the "life model of blogging" 1 then I need to allow myself the freedom to post whatever, whenever, however and not get caught up on the whys and wherefores.

There aren't any rules to this game so why do I keep changing them?

  1. Yes, I linked to a full day rather than an individual post. I felt the two posts on that day set the perfect context and should be read together. 

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