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# I'm inching ever closer to the point where I could flip to the non-WordPress blog. If you want to check it out you can do so here and read the new colophon page for a brief explainer. There's not much there at the moment, just a load of stuff for testing, but it works.

I've added a couple of things like the ability to delete posts inline should I need to and the content filters I had created for the digital garden which also kick in for the RSS feeds.

# Oh hello!


# A fledgling comment system is now in place but may require some tweaks. I'm not sure I'm going to leave the email address field in place, just Name, Website and Comment. It uses a couple of honeypot tricks to try to catch spam bots so I'll have to see how it goes and whether they work.

The actual system is very simple as I'm not worrying about replies to existing comments. I could go for multiple layers but don't think it's really necessary for a version 1.0 offering.

# I'm now using PHPMailer to send myself an email when a comment is submitted. I now just need to customise the mail to include post details etc.

# In addition to Matthew, it's good to see others also working on their own blogging engines.

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