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This is NOT a WordPress blog. There, I'm glad we got that out of the way. I've not got anything against WordPress per se but I wish it was easier and more intuitive to do simple things like post. It's outgrown being just a blogging platform so now has to try to be all things to all people. That's why I designed a custom layer over the top of it to enable inline posting and editing, as well as media uploads, without ever having to resort to wp-admin. As this was all essentially separate from the Wordpress core I started thinking about making it a standalone blogging engine and that's what we have here. The engine (although that's really too grand a term) is called "blog-In" which is an obvious play on blogging. the "In" is capitalised and the I replaced with an input cursor to reflect that the blog is all managed inline with no admin system. It is a relatively simple PHP site, with a bunch of JavaScript, connected to a database in a similar fashion to WordPress, albeit, drastically simplified. It has a login system and inline posting/editing functionality that is only displayed when logged in, I can even delete posts and comments directly from the home page should I need to. The method for media uploads have also been ported over from my custom WordPress layer and operates in a similar manner dividing them into year & month folders which are created on the fly if they don't exist. The blog itself is essentially one file (with a few includes) that displays posts for the day, in chronological order, with previous/next links to reload the page and change the day being viewed. It uses Emanuil Rusev's Parsedown & ParsedownExtra libraries for PHP so that posts can be written in Markdown Extra which I mainly use for footnotes and applying classes to images (width and alignment) but rendered in HTML. Custom RSS feeds for "posts as they happen" and a "daily feed" are built automatically when a post is submitted or edited and according to a daily schedule. The daily feed combines all posts for that day into a single, chronological item so reflects the view on the blog itself. I see this as a minimal viable blogging platform. It doesn't have comments (I may create a system for this) or Indieweb functionality such as webmentions but they are not priorities, a standalone platform that let's me post in the way I want is. If this becomes my primary platform the WordPress site will still coexist to host the post archive, muse-letter, digital garden and (for now) the private journal why I may port over.
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