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# I'm three weeks in to my journalling streak and it feels good to have kept it going, not that there's really been anything earth-shattering written there. It definitely helps having a little reminder at the top of the blog page that is also a direct link to the journal page.

# Non-WordPress blog status update:

  • RSS feeds (live & daily) - done
  • inline editing - done
  • image uploads - done

Everything I wanted to achieve for a version 1.0 has been completed. It's been relatively easy as it's all based on the custom layer that I created on top of WordPress. I have just had to transpose the code over and replace WordPress specific function with normal PHP and JavaScript. The only thing that hasn't translated has been treating each day as a single post. For now.

I've been thinking about how I could implement a comment system but that's not a priority right now. I also looked at sending/receiving webmentions but that's still a bit beyond me at present, maybe I'll work out how to do it in future but, again, it's not a priority.

The real question is do I make the switch to this system? There's no way I'm going to (be able to) migrate existing content over so the WordPress blog would still have to exist as an archive. I also wouldn't migrate the Garden as that would be too much work. The Journal could be fair game, however.

In the meantime, I'll run the non-wp blog in the background to give it a thorough test before making any decisions as I'm sure there are bugs that will need to be ironed out. Irrespective of any issues I'm really happy with what I've been able to create thus far.

# I appear to have broken the RSS feed generator on the WordPress blog so the decision may be getting made for me.

# Look like I've managed to fix it so an enforced change isn't on the cards just yet.

# And there we have it, Lockdown 3 in England until further notice due to continued increases in Covid cases. The easing of restrictions is tied to the vaccination program so we could be in to March before anything changes.