"When I read a blog, I want to get sucked down a rabbit hole. I want to dig deeper and deeper into someone’s thoughts and ideas about stuff they’re passionate about and how it can inform my direction too. I want to click on links, both on their own blog and elsewhere on the web, and I want this trail of thought to open up my mind in the same way that the internet first did for so many of us 25 years ago. And I want them to churn out more and more articles so I can come back day after day to get regular doses of the same insight that they first inspired me with."

Those are the words of Chris Foley over at Foley Music and Arts who lists 20 blogs he reads in 2020.

I can completely identify with the sentiment in that statement. It's why I read blogs, it's why I blog. I love to get behind the words, get an idea of the person behind the screen and someone's blog can be the most effective way of doing that.

With that being said, I am humbled and flattered that Chris has included me among that number alongside some familiar names and others I have yet to discover - I will be taking the time to dig through those I am not yet acquainted with.

Thanks Chris, I'll try to make it worth the visits.

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