# Over the past couple of years (why do Americans drop the "of" from that?) I've been getting increasingly "Marie Kondo" about the way the blog looks. The initial redesign in 2016 was to a more minimal one column look and, since then, I have eschewed various facets that traditionally make a blog a blog.

From time to time I'll have a purge, noting to myself that there has been feature creep but there is a disparity between the public face of the site and what goes on in the background.

I look at the site now, with the Daily view as default, and wonder where it could go from here. Beyond culling the actual Today view (with its full menu and links to previous days, thus making the blog truly ephemeral) I think I would need to start looking at that background activity.

I'm rarely on micro.blog these days - using it mainly as a distribution and comment system - so have considered removing the RSS feed from my account there. Again. This would mean less engagement, relying on people subscribing to the feed directly. Then I think about removing support for webmentions as the replies from micro.blog form the bulk of any I receive.

I don't send that many external webmentions and most of the sites I "like" in posts don't support indieweb technologies so how much would I be really be loosing out on? Then again, one of the main uses I have for webmentions is my "related posts" functionality which I would be unhappy to lose.

And then I wonder what's behind all this? Why do I feel the constant need to change things, pare them down? Some of the things I've added have definitely been of the "because I can" variety, there for the sake of curiosity and to see if I could get them to work. But why the need to tinker?

I'm reminded of a recent comment from Bix:

"Who cares?"

But, for whatever reason, I do.

Thinking back to Stephen Pressfield's post yesterday maybe the changes are all a surrogate for what I haven't done, what I continue to not do. Maybe they are the manifestations of the pain and self-reproach from having this unlived life and unfulfilled potential.

Very likely.

Knowing this to be the case it befalls on me to do something about it and I believe a change in direction in the coming months will do just that, giving me a goal and some much needed additional purpose. I'm really looking forward to sharing.

In the meantime I just have to get over myself, try to get on with what's important, focus rather than give in the distractions of that self-reproach.

Easier said than done.

  1. bix says: #
    I don't know if it came across this way, but my "who cares?" wasn't a passing of judgement on you publishing, but, really, more specifically about me being online in general. (Hence why I deleted my Instagram and Twitter yesterday.)
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Yeah, I took it as a general apathy about social so don't worry about that. Welcome to the Twitterless, I've found it to be far less stressful.
  3. bix says: #
    It's a mixed bag for me, as I am basically incapable of maintaining individual contact with people; the one benefit of a feed of people broadcasting what they're up to.
  4. Jay says: #
    Only reading your site via RSS. I came here to check out the minimal look. I really like it. I also really like ephemeral idea moving towards removing the Today view. If you want things on context day after day. Sub. It also really depends on attitudes towards what one's blog 'is' an archive or 'these are my thoughts right now'. I've been thinking i'd like a second feed on my site thats microbloggy. Use it for photos and twitter length thoughts etc. Have it show up on my home page. And offer 3 feeds. Full firehose, Microthoughts, Blog posts. Not sure tho.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I used to have separate feeds for microposts and longer posts but as I often cross-referenced it just made sense to pull them all back together in one feed, especially when the blog became more of a stream of consciousness type affair.
  5. Alan Ralph says: #
    I've rejoined Micro.blog, so I can comment on some folks' posts. It's not ideal, I have to do a couple of extra steps, but it works. It would be awesome if a WebMention from my blog could show up on Micro.blog, but I'm not clear on what would need to change to make that happen. Regarding my blog, I just focus on blogging about what I want to, when I want to. If I get responses, that's a bonus, but not why I hit Publish.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      External webmentions can show up on micro.blog but only under certain circumstances related to being linked to accounts etc. Manton would be the best person to ask.

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