# I thought I would take the clean slate/blank page metaphor to its logical conclusion and created a version of the Today page which is just that and nothing more.

I've called it (unsurprisingly) Daily.

There are no links to other days or the archive, just Today's posts - if there are any.

Clicking the page title will still take you to the normal Today page and going to individual posts will return you to the standard behaviour but I thought it was a fun concept.

I even wondered about having the option to set a cookie to determine which version of the Today page visitors might like but, if I ever decide to do it, that's a job for another day.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks Steve. I'm no Dev but know enough to get by. And there's always Google! 😆 I just love simplicity so that the site itself doesn't distract from the words.
  2. sarcassem says: #
    yeah, I’d have to second that. It’s a great, clean design. I’ve been enjoying your words for awhile!

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