# Manton Reece recently rolled out Micro.blog 2.0 with a whole bunch of improvements across the web and native apps; it's great to see him constantly improving the service and getting more people back into blogging regularly.

When I mentioned yesterday that I mainly use m.b as a commenting system Alan remarked that he had returned to the service so he could comment on the blogs of others but wanted to be able to send webmentions from his own blog instead.

External webmentions have always worked to a degree on micro.blog but the site sending them has to be linked to a live account in order to be accepted and show - makes sense. In the past I've always gone back to m.b in order to reply to comments as it seemed more reliable but, inspired by Alan, I thought I'd give it a test today.

Here's a reply to a comment as posted on my blog:

webmention test

And here it is in situ on micro.blog:

webmention test 2

I didn't think that the external webmention auto-added the person's @name that you were replying to which is why I always went back to micro.blog. Is that an improvement in v2.0 or am I just remembering it wrong? In any event, that this works properly means that I can always do so directly from the blog which will make replies more obvious.

Good stuff!

  1. hooper says: #
    as a learning challenge I'm building from scratch a microblog in expressjs. I've been trying to find good resources for how to connect up with micropub and webmention and integrate that all in to micro.blog. Do you know any good resources or guide along these lines??
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    You'd be best off asking over in the Indieweb channels - they're on IRC or Slack - I've always used Slack myself.
  3. hooper says: #
    that's a great tip. Hadn't picked up on the slack channel. Will check it out. Thanks.