# In March of last year I wrote that I hardly ever used my iPad and wasn't sure why. I made a vow to "finally make friends" with it but that lasted all of a week.

I now carry a work iPad Pro in my work bag all the time and still never use it beyond moving things from Simplenote to Drafts.

I just don't know why I have such a mental block with it. Is it the form factor? Is it that I'm so used to doing everything on a phone? Is it because it's in the bag and there's the additional friction of getting it out and ensuring there's somewhere to set up?

Maybe it's because it's a work iPad and there's a subconscious isolation happening in my brain that prevents me from investing in it as I make a point of keeping home and work separate.

Being unable to change back to an iPhone this time around has prompted me to rethink what I'm using, and why, and this question came back because of that.

  1. petebrown says: #
    I have tried a similar experiments a number of times now over the last few years, and other than occasionally reading Comixology comics, I am never able to find a good use for an iPad. It's totally personal preference for me—obviously, a lot of people get a ton of use out the device—but I find that if it's a task I can't do on my iPhone for whatever reason, I'd rather us a laptop.
  2. bix says: #
    Comics and PDFs and streaming video in bed were my primary reasons for having an original iPad Mini but then it got unusuably slow as iOS progressed.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I'm the same. Anything on the go is on the phone. At home I'm invariably using my Windows laptop if gaming or the MacBook for just about anything else. The iPad doesn't seem to fit anywhere in my workflow.