# As I’ve mentioned before, Feedly has been my choice of RSS reader since Google announced the closure of Reader. While the Android and iOS apps have been mainstays of my mobile life, the Mac app is sorely lacking having not been updated since 2014.

Well, I call it an app but it’s essentially just a container for the website - one that’s not implemented very well at all.

I was, therefore, a little sceptical when I stumbled across Fluid, a mac app designed to turn web pages into “apps” which are just self-contained instances of Safari.

I needn’t have been!

Unlike the actual Feedly app, the Fluid version behaves exactly like the website which, itself, has improved considerably over the years. It is well packaged with plenty of options even without moving to the paid tier.

I think I’m a convert.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    I’ve looked at it on occasion but never really been able to justify the cost as most of my reading happens on the phone and I’ve been happy to use the website on the Mac.

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