# I've been a happy user of Feedly since Google's decision to close Reader and just as happy with their mobile apps, both Android and iOS.

That the Feedly app in the Mac App Store hasn't been updated since 2014 (and it shows) is disappointing but illustrates that they intend for PC users to utilise the web page.

Using Fluid to "convert" the web page to an app is a good solution but I've been wondering about other apps for a while. Reeder has always come well recommended so I stumped up the £4.99 and installed it on my phone.

Here are a few first impressions:

  • the article list feels a bit cluttered
  • I wish there were more options to tweak the display, especially in the article list, like spacing and size of extract shown
  • I'm probably too used to the Feedly app but I'm not sure about navigation between items - I'd like the option for swipe left/right rather than up/down
  • that would mean an alternative to swiping left for sharing options - I'd be happy with a button for this
  • I like the way you swipe left or right in the articles list to mark as (un)read or star an item

Why the turnaround? Why move away from Feedly if it's been fine until now?

I think part of it is because I'm soon to close my Gmail account and am trying not to rely on Google at all. When I signed up with Feedly I used the option to bring my account settings straight over from Reader so it's still linked to my Gmail account and requires Google's 2FA whenever I log in.

I'll probably export my feeds and set them back up under a non-linked account, although I have also been wondering about other solutions that correctly support the RSS spec, but am not sure about the extra expense.

As things stand, switching to Reeder doesn't really change much except having to learn a new UI. What it does afford me, however, is the benefit of choice for the future.