# I have had the JetPack stats module enabled on the site since it was first introduced, not necessarily to monitor traffic coming to the blog but more to check on people leaving.

That may sound a bit weird or counterintuitive.

Part of the joy of blogging, at least for me, is in helping readers find things or people - that’s why it’s always good to link out. It’s also why I implemented the Directory and, more recently, added the blogroll.

While I’m no good at curating links and lists in a social context I love being able to act as a conduit through the blog, even if only a small one, so seeing the outgoing stats populated with clicks to other people is always good.

But the temptation is always there to look at the incoming, to fret and obsess over it, just as I try to tell myself that I don’t really care. I have deliberately removed myself from online environments that use metrics as a coercive force so it feels a bit hypocritical to still have them here.

Until now!

I know from recent months that visitors to the blog regularly use the directory and blogroll so I don’t really need to keep track of that any more - they work and that is enough for me.

So I have completely disabled the stats module to remove the temptation and the worry. Telling myself I don’t care is one thing, demonstrating it is something else entirely.

  1. Yeah, stats are a double-edged sword. They can be encouraging or they can become an unhealthy focus. It's amazing how much more freely you write (or, I do at least) when there's not the pressure of numbers.

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