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#Early 90's vibe. Not overcomplicating it.

(Headphones or decent speakers recommended. Smartphone speakers don't do justice to the kick drum)


05/11/2021 10:09pm
#Something new. This took about 7 takes as I was playing the MS-1 live leaving one hand to do everything else and kept messing up.

I'll probably redo it at some point to get the MS-1 a bit higher in the mix.


25/10/2021 11:32pm
#One of the common criticisms of the Behringer TD-3 is that the sound is too 'bright' when compared to the Roland TB-303 — the cutoff frequency knob is set too high. This can be changed by taking the case off and adjusting the VCF Offset.

I've always loved really angry, squelchy acid so don't mind the brightness this gives but with two TD-3s I wanted them to have different personalities.

Armed with a couple of screwdrivers I tweaked the black TD-3 (how fitting) to make the sound a bit darker, just what sounded good to my ears rather than trying to tune it properly. I have to say, it definitely sounds more like a real 303 now — it's smoother and less raspy.

To fully test, I made a new track (appropriately titled 'Darker') with the acid lead played on the now tweaked black TD-3. 9 minutes of pure self-indulgence:


06/10/2021 12:41pm
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