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 Today was mostly wiped out by a migraine with much of it spent in bed.

I have, however, spent a couple of hours this evening working on something that I started last night: a new blissed out, trancey #acid track.

I'm putting the MS-1 to good use.

 I started a new track a few days ago and came to work on it yesterday afternoon.

The session didn't go well — things weren't flowing. So, after a few hours of scrolling through presets I gave up.

After tea, I thought I'd have another try but instead wote almost a complete new track and finished it this morning. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Here's a quick snippet:


# The new track is called "Self Doubt" and is now live on Bandcamp.

Self Doubt cover image

# So happy that Southampton FC will be back in the Premier League next season. Must admit to also having a bit of trepidation after our last season there. Much to be done over the summer but let's enjoy it for now! 🔴⚪🔴⚽

 Happy 303 day!

Roland TB-303

I'd love to get the new idea finished today in honour of the day but not sure if I'll have time.


 Getting reacquainted with an old friend over lunch.

Picture of a Roland TR-06 drum machine. The tempo is 114 BPM.
 The first track of today's double-header is now live on Bandcamp:


It's a 132 BPM rolling acid groove with a dirty Reese bassline.

(r)evolution cover image - partial shot of a TD-3