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Still got a headache and fuzzy after yesterday's migraine and didn't sleep well. Our grandson has a temperature and I woke in a sweat this morning so did a precautionary Covid test. It's negative 👍

# As the daily feed is now the only feed for the site I decided to remove the "no posts on this day" feature. It will now only include days with posts.

Dave Winer has added the <source:self> channel level element to the source namespace as a way of indicating the canonical URL of the feed without having to include the Atom namespace. I've also added this to the daily feed.

# In her post Social norms of the IndieWeb, Tracy discusses how communities and their norms cross platform boundaries and the subsequent risk of context collapse.

Even within the IndieWeb (where a goal is to allow sites to communicate with each other) opinions differ on what information sound be displayed after receiving a webmention.

When I stepped back from the blog recently I decided to undo the changes that allowed me to cross post to Bluesky and back feed replies. I also removed my RSS feed from my account so that posts wouldn't show in the timeline there. As supports webementions replies would show as comments on the blog.

Returning to blogging again, I have decided that this is how I'll keep it. While I am active on Bluesky (albeit fairly minimally) I have decided to keep that separate. Although Bluesky is designed as a decentralised system, and as the network expands and more "people" run their own servers or compatible systems, the places posts spread will obviously increase beyond the Bluesky app. That's a given but, even though my bio says that replies could show as comments on my blog, many won't be expecting it.

I feel that intentionally sending a webmention from your own site to another is a different matter. It is understood that webmentions allow this cross talk between sites so I don't feel the need to hide the names, links or reply content of those sites sending them. is an exception as, while it supports webementions, not everyone who sets up an account might understand what they are and how they work.

Some prefer to only publicly show the number of mentions or likes, keeping the details for their private consumption. The webmention spec details how they work but not what one should do upon receiving them. A social norm needs to develop here so that those implementing them have a reasonable expectation as to their handling. If that norm becomes not publicly showing any details then I'll be happy to follow it.

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