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Happy solstice ☀️

I didn't post anything yesterday as I had nothing that needed saying and no need nor inclination to find something.

And that's okay.

Quite coincidentally, on the same day in 2020 I wrote about the words that sit at the top of the page each morning "No posts yet today" (now "Nothing yet today") and what they mean.

Yes, they provide information to a visitor but also:

They are permission to not replace them. If nothing gets posted they will not disappear, they will resolutely do their job, for 24 hours if they must.

And that holds true now just as it did then.

I journal every day but even that isn't so sacred that I'll never miss a day (or more) should circumstance dictate it. I'll always try to journal, even if it's only a short entry, just to keep the streak going — gamifying it, and the simplicity with which I can post, means it's not yet a chore to do so.

When I no longer want to write in the Journal that's when I know I've got problems.

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