# "No posts yet today."

Four words I see every morning. Four words that bring a sense of comfort and excitement. Four words that have a wealth of meaning.

First, they are an explanation, a statement of fact; they point out to the observer that nothing has been missed.

Next, they are a reminder that each day is its own thing, self contained, and need not be encumbered by what has come before or worried by what is yet to happen. We start again and anything is possible.

They are permission to not replace them. If nothing gets posted they will not disappear, they will resolutely do their job, for 24 hours if they must. They are equally valid at 23:59 as at 00:01: "it's okay, we're here, we've got you covered."

But they are also an invitation, an opportunity to say something. "No posts today" would be too literal, too finite, while the inclusion of "yet" indicates that this can change at any moment, all it takes is for the right words to replace them. "Yet" denotes a world of potential.

Those "right words" can be anything, there are no rules, it's just what is right at the time, what works on that day. It may sometimes seem a big responsibility - those four words can only be replaced once a day - but it doesn't really matter, just as it doesn't really matter if they are not replaced at all.

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