Word of the day: prosody

  • noun,
    1. the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry
    2. the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
 The question of goodness:

With an eye to the relationship between the good and “the real which is the proper object of love, and of knowledge which is freedom,” she considers what it takes for us to purify our attention in order to take in reality on its own terms, unalloyed with our attachments and ideas.

What it takes, she suggests, is “something analogous to prayer, though it is something difficult to describe, and which the higher subtleties of the self can often falsify” — not some “quasi-religious meditative technique,” but “something which belongs to the moral life of the ordinary person.”

The Marginalian


Word of the day: jocosely

  • adverb, "in a way that is humorous or shows that you like to play"

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