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# What would be pretty cool is if I could get the new post and edit forms working through AJAX so that the page didn't need to reload. I've done a few searches and got some basic ideas but it's a whole new area that I haven't touched on before.

# I've got a post updating via an AJAX call but it still requires a page reload. Besides being able to say I've done it, I think the work involved for something that only I will see is probably too much for any benefit it may provide - read almost none. Still, you know what I'm like. ?

# It really is too much effort and I'm not entirely sure what I'm trying to achieve is possible without making some radical changes to the theme so I'll leave it as it is.

# My notes app has crashed and taken all the notes and ideas with it.

Not happy.

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# I suppose there are lessons to be learnt regarding always ensuring that backups are up to date (and working) and not relying solely on one thing, especially a mobile app.

To be fair, there was only one note that I wanted to hang on to: the planning and thoughts around something I've been working on for a while. I say working but I really mean putting off again and again, adding little bits to it here and there to convince myself I was still serious about it.

Maybe I just have to be pragmatic, anything else in the app was either an archive or very probably something I wasn't actually going to use or I would have by now. Perhaps an enforced clear out will cause me to refocus on something that I will work on.

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# I know I wasn't impressed with iA Writer when I tested it before but that's because it didn't do what I expected with regards publishing direct to WordPress. As a straight Markdown editor it's fine.

In light of the calamitous failure of One Jotter I've decided to switch to another app. I don't really get on with Pure Writer anymore so have opted for iA Writer synced straight to Dropbox.

My subscription runs to August next year there's no issue on that front and, who knows, they may have improved the WordPress integration in that time.

I'll be treating iA Writer just as I have any other app: copying the text manually or sharing it to the WordPress app. I just want to ensure there won't be another issue like earlier today.

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