# My notes app has crashed and taken all the notes and ideas with it.

Not happy.

    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Ah, local backups. Nope, took them with it. But at least I've got backups synced to the cloud, right? Looks like that turned itself off a while ago.
  1. patrickrhone says: #
    Jeepers! I am so sorry. I had a similar experience a very long time ago now. Since then, I have refused to save anything written on a computer unless it can save in plain text. Thus, not only portable but also future proof.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      All mine is now going to be automatically saved as .md files in Dropbox. No more local files for me.
  2. danj says: #
    This is my main problem with Ulysses and other otherwise-excellent apps that store your text in a database...
  3. patrickrhone says: #
    Yep. I don’t believe in databases for things I trully care about. Been burned too many times. Even everything I post to my blog is created first and a markdown formatted plain text file.