# I've long maintained that doing the dishes is cathartic, almost a meditative experience so it was nice to see David Kanigan quote from "An ode to washing dishes" yesterday:

"Embrace this — the warm water, the pruned hands, the prismatic gleam of the bubbles and the steady passage from dish to dish to dish — and feel, however briefly, the breath of actual time, a reality that lies dormant and plausible under all the clutter we pile on top of it."

Thich Nhat Hanh always says that everything can be a meditation whether that's brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. Just focus on the task at hand and be truly in that moment, devote your whole self to it.

That's exactly how I've always been with doing the dishes, why I enjoy it: a perfect way to quieten the mind, to put the stress aside and just be - one task, one goal, one thought.

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