# When my RSS reader gets empty I tell myself that I need more blogs to follow, to find more interesting people writing interesting things.

I'm currently only following 44 blogs so am always on the lookout or accepting recommendations. It used to be hundreds back before "the great purge" when I cleaned out my feeds and before a lot of people stopped posting in the social media gold rush.

Small fry.

Then I remember that I've got a stack of books sitting unread, a lot of which I've bought this year to be read this year in my drive to, well, read more.

But there are times when a book just feels like too much - a blog post can be finished in next to no time, it's standalone, no big commitment, convenient. With a book you're always looking to reach the end of the current section or chapter so as not to stop at artificial break points.

This is why I need to consume more books, to build up my reading muscles again after so many years of letting them atrophy.

I'm still on the lookout for good blogs though.

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