"It’s an honest question: who are the people whose ideas and words have so much value for you that you access their writing directly (blogs, newsletters, etc), without depending on your social media channels as your primary conduit to their work?"

- James Shelley

Dave Winer

The godfather of blogging, RSS and podcasting, he's been there, done it and still going. I may not agree with everything he says but his thoughts are always worth reading.

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Seth Godin

Seth just turns up, every day no matter what (over 7000 posts on his current site!) and always has something interesting to say. He is the master of saying just the right amount - no more, no less.

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Manton Reece

As the developer of Manton has raised the profile of the indieweb and heavily influenced the way I now approach blogging.

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Tim Nahumck

As someone who reassesses his workflows on a regular basis I enjoy seeing into other people's worlds. Tim's posts on productivity and reinventing his own processes are gold.

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Doc Searls

Another of the old guard of blogging, a real stalwart. Doc writes about anything and everything, just like a personal blog should be.

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Mike Caulfield

I came for his work on Wikity but stayed for his wonderful insights on information and knowledge management.

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Patrick Rhone

Patrick is a wise soul, generous to a fault, and a big inspiration for me. Always ready with excellent quotes and even better advice. His site is what a personal blog should be.

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