# Yesterday wasn't a writing day. Whether it was due to being the first day back "at work" (albeit virtually) after the long weekend or because of being on the early shift I don't know. Something just didn't sit right.

If it wasn't for quoting Rebecca I wouldn't have posted anything.

But that's okay.

There's no sense in posting just for the sake of it, just so there is something to see. It made me think about the recent changes I've made to the blog, the more daily approach and thought it exemplified that approach.

"Nothing to say, nothing to show."

That's going to be my new motto. Sometimes the words don't come, it's only natural.

I quoted Thich Nhat Hanh in the last muse-letter: "we need to ask ourselves, am I speaking just to speak" which naturally translates to blogging just to blog even though conventional wisdom says to show up every day.

There's no need if there's no value in it.

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