The muse-letter is coming

# Today has been quite productive: I've spent some time finishing off the mechanism for what will be called the "Muse-letter" - NOT a newsletter! It's my 'clever' play on words...

I think I've gotten it all worked out and fixed the glitches. It seems okay in testing but that's never the full story.

The muse-letter is going to be more of a personal missive covering what I'm thinking, reading, writing, doing. I want it to be a conversation starter, something around which we can connect and build a relationship - not just a one way street.

CJ Chilvers advises to Meet your subscribers and that's what I really want this to be about. I may not be able to do so in person but enjoy fostering one-to-one relationships wherever and however they form.

I plan to send out the first letter in a couple of weeks and then semi-regularly thereafter, not according to any strict timetable but whenever there's anything to say.

In the meantime I'd love it if you might consider joining me here.

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