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# I first registered randomelements.me.uk on the 12th Jun 2003. I’d had other sites but never had my own domain. It pointed to a self-hosted SharePoint installation on a server in my dining room.

I'd been using the name since 2000 in relation to music (it was the title of my ambient project) but decided to extend it to my web presence.

The first working snapshot of the old blog in the Internet Archive is from April 2004 and shows the kinds of things I was writing about at the time - I was very Microsoft centric.

After moving to WordPress the randomelements domain has merely forwarded to the new site but the time has come, after 10 years, to let it go and I won't be renewing.

So, in twelve days, a chapter of my online life will come to an end but things move on and I'm much happier with where I am now.

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