# A year ago today I was asking if the then name of the blog "Social Thoughts" was still relevant - the answer was yes but in a different way to originally intended:

"We seek to become part of something, whether as the seed or the gardener, looking to grow our thoughts and ideas into something useful, meaningful. So, while I may not frequently write about, or now even engage on, social networks I am being inherently and deliberately social."

I was obviously thinking about what I was doing on the web but it took almost another five months for me to make a change. The blog was called "Social Thoughts" since towards the end of 2011 and was designed to reflect my ongoing focus on social media. Before that it was self titled and had been so since 2008 when I moved from SharePoint to WordPress and stopped using the old "Randomelements" moniker.

Returning to just my name seemed right (it still does) based on what I was trying to achieve: a unique, individual presence on the web, a place that was me.

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