A word for the year

# I don’t normally do this but I am going to have a word for 2018 and that word is expand.

It is multi-faceted and encompasses (at least) the following:

  • expand my mind - I'm going to join the local library and read more actual paper books,
  • expand my knowledge - I intend to learn more, to study, which is obviously related to the above, and
  • expand my creative output - I don't know how yet but I want to produce something that's not just blog posts.

I feel like I’ve just been drifting along with no real direction so, this year, that’s going to change. It may just be the start of a long journey but I hope for it to be a fulfilling one.

Here’s to a great year!

    1. Colin Walker says: #
      And to you Chris. I’m not sure where it will take me but I’m definitely down for the ride.
  1. vasta says: #
    Expand is a fantastic word! Especially glad you’re going to join the library: it’s my place of refuge, and I heartily endorse others using that valuable civic institution.