# I don't like making New Year's resolutions.

I don't like doing something simply because you're supposed to. It invariably ends badly. If I decide to do something it's at a time of my own choosing and because I want to do it rather than out of any sense of obligation.

A couple of days ago I decided to clean up and diversify my RSS subscriptions.

I was already on the lookout for more personal blogs but also wanted my river to not be so polluted. As such, I unsubscribed from the last of the trashier "news" sites I had been following: The Verge and Boy Genius Report.

I had removed Mashable from my feed reader some time ago as it badly lost its credibility along with its focus. Other sites like The Verge and BGR went the same route - moving beyond tech in an attempt to be more financially viable.

With the increase in breadth comes a lack of depth; stories are churned out purely for page views and ad impressions providing little actual value to the reader.

Just pulp.

Now I am seeking more interesting and thought provoking reading material across a wider spectrum, especially the humanities - moving beyond tech in an attempt to be more fulfilling.

I'm always open to suggestions.

  1. schuth says: #
    When it comes wide-ranging, thought-provoking reading material, one of my favorites is Aeon. The pieces are interesting journeys into the arts, philosophy, & sciences that stand apart from the breathless churn.
  2. schuth says: #
    Cool. If you find other sites you like, will you please share them? I’ve pruned my RSS feeds along similar lines, but would be happy to add new feeds that trade high tempo for resonance.
  3. eli says: #
    woot, resolutions! I too recently sought to cull and diversify my RSS feeds. I've had great luck discovering new feeds to follow by following a few aggregate sources (e.g. Reddit, link blogs, etc). After I find a few good “primary" sources, I then drop off the aggregator. Also, I don't know how you feel about web comics, but I think they live well in RSS readers, and I'm obsessed with this one: Drive
  4. kulturnation says: #
    With „It’s Time to Marginalize the University and Revive the Café“ Quillette made it to my RSS reader :) But sadly it is one more WP website that does not show their RSS feed @schuth
  5. kulturnation says: #
    Ah, Feedwrangler is doing a good job, too. It was just that I think it is counterproductive (do not want to use „annoying“) in a way to „hide“ rss feeds. Especially on a Wordpress blog. @colinwalker
  6. Bruce says: #
    Definitely. I can understand truncated posts in feeds (though find it annoying). But no syndication at all pushes potential audience away. Silly!

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