# I've written a quick AppleScript (go me) to grab the contents of the clipboard and post it as the content of a new status using curl but can't work out how to stop it from converting > to >

I simply assign the contents of the clipboard to a variable set content to the clipboard - previewing it shows the > is retained and the conversion doesn't happen via curl in PHP.

Any ideas?

  1. Bruce says: #
    When is the conversion happening? ">" shows up as > in the Timeline. Also, when I looked at @danielpunkass's MarsEdit traffic to Micro.blog, the same conversation happened (if I'm remembering correctly). Could it be on @manton's end?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    This is when going directly to WordPress (that post was done manually and not via this process.) The conversion is either happening when curl executes the POST or by WordPress when it's received but I don't think it's the latter as it works when using curl via PHP.
  3. Bruce says: #
    My initial impulse is that it's unlikely to be AppleScript. When I made my old script to transfer bookmarks from my private pinboard to my blog's pinboard, I had to encode ">" as ">" for pinboard's API. Seems odd that WordPress isn't rendering it correctly though. Especially as Micro.blog's Timeline is doing so.

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