# I've started experimenting with hiding the Menu bar and Dock on the Mac. I normally have them both showing and tend not to use full screen mode (I'll use Magnet to maximise windows instead) and therefore not swipe between apps. I'm still not truly Mac-native.

  1. Bruce says: #
    Can't imagine hiding the menu bar, but I keep the dock hidden on the left, with super magnification when I activate it. Also, are you using Alfred, Launchbar, etc? They are game changers. :)
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I must admit, hiding the menu bar is the bit that feels most alien, I’m just seeing what feels best. I’ve looked at Alfred and LaunchBar before but never really found a use for them beyond what I do with Spotlight. I don’t have very complex needs.
  3. Bruce says: #
    I like Alfred for niceties like easy ejecting of disks, auto-completing paths and then opening them in the finder, launching a script for a selected file, changing sound inputs & outputs, etc. It really gives you a lot of power to control the computer without taking your hands off the keyboard.
  4. hutaffe says: #
    l‘m „native“ to the Mac since almost 20 years and I don’t use or understand the need for these features 😉 Might also be a case of becoming that grumpy old guy over time though 😉

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