1. vasta says: #
    I haven't seen, or used, my Dock in over a decade. The menu bar, however, is too essential to get rid of. Would feel so strange. Hope your dock-hiding experience goes well!
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Thanks. I do use a combination of the dock and Spotlight to open apps so we'll see how it goes.
  2. mjdescy says: #
    I prefer the menu bar to remain visible, but macOS hides it in full screen mode, so it’s not that abnormal of a state to be in.
  3. johnjohnston says: #
    can’t imagine hiding menu bar. No non-running apps in hidden dock & Alfred here. Occasionally use full screen and then often split. I like a contextual menus and used FinderPop pre OS X. Good to have options.
  4. cdevroe says: #
    when I see a Mac w the Dock visible I immediately want to show them how to hide it.
  5. DaveyCraney says: #
    I hide my dock, have my essential apps stored on it and section it using the small-spacers terminal command. Couldn't get on with hiding the menu bar tho. I can't use the dark coloured bar/dock either. Every time I enable it I feel like a heretic. 😂
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I have to have the dark mode enabled, just can't stand it without. I like to group apps with spacers as well.
  6. cdevroe says: #
    I rarely use it. So I keep it small and hidden. I prefer to use the keyboard for most things.
  7. vanessa says: #
    I think I might have to look into that option. I use Alfred to open apps mostly, so probably don't take need it. I'm relatively new to the Mac, so still in "Start" menu mode. 😇
  8. vishae says: #
    what’s the small-spacers terminal command? It’ll be nice to group some of my essential apps
  9. DaveyCraney says: #
    I see @colinwalker has already sent you a link. (Cheers Colin). That link shows you how to do full size spacers, but This link will show you how to do Small spacers as well (and a photo of the difference between the two). I prefer the look of the small-spacers for a smaller dock profile.
  10. Colin Walker says: #
    Ooh, thanks - I didn’t realise you could do small spacers. I’ll have to have a look.
  11. vishae says: #
    thanks for the link - the images really help for deciding which spacers to use. I haven’t tried it yet, but before I do, I guess I should ask how I can remove these/reverse this? /@colinwalker
  12. DaveyCraney says: #
    no problem! Easy to reverse. You can just drag the invisible spacers off the dock and they will vanish like any other app! 😊