In addition to this site, I have a few other projects:


A simple 'spark file' editor that allows for the creation, editing, export of multiple sparks files.

SPARKS on GitHub


A horizontal blog platform based on the Sparks project.

PHP rssCloud server

An rssCloud server implementation in PHP.

This has been inspired heavily by Andrew Shell's server in node.js. A key difference here is that subscriptions are not removed after 25 hours so do not need to be refreshed.

PHP rssCloud server on GitHub.


PHP-MST is a simple PHP implementation of My Status Tool by Andy Sylvester.

In Andy's words:

My Status Tool is an application that provides the basic posting and reading functionality within Twitter, but using RSS and rssCloud as the enabling technologies.

PHP-MST on GitHub


The name is an amalgam of hybrid and blog. It is a different approach to database driven systems partly inspired by Static Site Generators but with a more dynamic approach. Rather than having to build the site after each change, hyblog uses dynamic files which write/pull posts and comments to/from .md files on the fly.

hyblog on GitHub

NOWNS: The NOW Namespace

The 'now' namespace is intended to allow for the sharing of updates via RSS that do not relate to traditional items, e.g. blog posts or podcast episodes. It takes it's name from the /now page concept created by Derek Sivers.

The namespace will allow for additional channel level elements to share updates similar to the contents of a now page.

NOWNS homepage

NOWNS on GitHub