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For my two active users (Ron and Andre), I have finished making updates to my MyStatusTool site to allow editing of previous posts - I will reach out to you to see when you would like to try this upgrade.

28/12/2023 00:38:51
Andy's MyStatusTool feed

Ron, I loved reading your post about YouTube searching, keep it up! (Testing, first time to try to update post 4) (New edit of this post) Another new edit - Yet another new edit - One more time edit - Let's do it again! - One more time! - I think I have it now - trying to edit the main file now - working on part 3 now - had a problem with new code - trying replaceAll change - trying use of var keyword - trying exact copy of example - that worked, now trying my string - that worked, trying to remove slashes - got the first slash - added another line for second slash, switching to new function name - added a calling argument - added second argument for post text - creating directory path - creating rendering - trying final step - updated base URL - making a tweak - last change

23/12/2023 23:09:29
Andy's MyStatusTool feed

Was able to get the text of a previous post into the MyStatusTool editor window, but had tags appear in the post. Did some experimenting, then I could not decode the HTML entities - frustrating! (Did an edit on the imported text, removed tags, added link manually.

02/12/2023 20:23:43
Andy's MyStatusTool feed

This morning, I noticed that Dave Winer's FeedLand Feed did not update for my MyStatusTool instance, but it did for all of the other test instances. If anyone sees any other issues, let me know.

21/07/2023 18:30:15
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IEEE Spectrum: How the Computer Graphics Industry Got Started at the University of Utah - Adobe and Pixar founders created tech that shaped modern animation - I used image generators from Evans and Sutherland earlier in my career, then they were purchased by Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) to be part of their simulation business. Exciting times back then!

06/07/2023 17:50:51
Andy's MyStatusTool feed Building a Second Brain and the Zettelkasten Method - This post goes into great detail contrasting the "Building a Second Brain" ideas of Tiago Forte and the Zettelkasten Method as practiced by Niklas Luhmann. The author states that both methods can be used simultaneously with little to no overlap (BASB is project focused, ZKM is knowledge-focused. It's worth the time to read!

05/07/2023 22:22:31
Andy's MyStatusTool feed

Greg Wilson: Eleven Tips for Organizational Change "This was a proposal for the US Research Software Engineer Association 2023 conference, but was rejected.... I recognize that they are incomplete—in particular, that they are strongly biased toward what works in affluent, democratic societies—but if you’re tired of rolling heavy rocks up steep hills over and over again, maybe they will help."

20/06/2023 01:14:58
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I saw Ken's Smith's recent post on group activities, and I agree that larger social media may not be the place for such groups to work together. I also think another recent post of Ken's (Choose to affiliate) also echoes this thought. To me, MyStatusTool could be the tool of communication for a small work group or organization, with the added plus of owning your content/work. Since it uses rssCloud as the notification service for new posts, real-time conversations can occur there.

15/06/2023 04:04:28
Andy's MyStatusTool feed National Security Implications of Trump’s Indictment: A Damage Assessment

It is those national security implications, as evidenced in particular by the 31 counts lodged under the Espionage Act (18 U.S.C. § 793(e)), which we briefly lay out here.
12/06/2023 01:19:21
Colin Walker

Andy, looking forward to the reworking of MyStatusTool. I need to get back in the saddle as well. I'm going to add enclosure support and work out auto-deletion of old files when the corresponding message drops off.

02/04/2023 11:07:18
Colin Walker

Almost. He mentions that it should be to "start a record" and "go back through the chain of thought", also "long-lived special-purpose communication apps". MST is semi-ephemeral so doesn't entirely qualify.

I've been thinking to myself that I need to get back to this as well. I still haven't added enclosure support, must get round to that soon.

22/03/2023 16:42:08
Colin Walker

Receiving you loud and clear. But for some reason couldn't reply - a glitch preventing me using the reply arrow on the first item. Will investigate tomorrow.

06/03/2023 21:50:23