Micro Monday

# As you know, online discovery is a must for me. A big part of the open web is that we connect with others and show those connections so that our audience is able to discover new voices. This is why I created the webmention directory and added a blogroll.

We can always do more to link to others or highlight work that is worth reading. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes, which is why the idea of posting indieweb likes and replies to my blog appeals so greatly.

Twitter has Follow Friday (where users suggest lists of other people their followers might be interested in) and now micro.blog has Micro Monday. As posted by Community Manager Jean MacDonald:

"we want to encourage helpful recommendations rather than lists of accounts to follow ... give a short description of the reason for your recommendation"

This is exactly my approach with the blogroll - it's no good just giving a link or a name, you need to also provide the why.

I doubt I'll share a Micro Monday recommendation every week (I was notoriously bad for forgetting on Twitter) but I would like to start today with Patrick Rhone.

Patrick is a thinker, a deep soul who always has something interesting to share. He is also incredibly generous with both time and deed. But what really marks him out is that he's a connector - he connects people.

A number of others I follow, either on micro.blog or directly via their blogs and RSS, have all come to my attention via Patrick. They say you are the company you keep and the online company he keeps is impressive indeed.

- #micromonday

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