Micro Monday: ablaze

# When I first mentioned Micro Monday (the micro.blog equivalent of Follow Friday) I warned that I probably wouldn't share a recommendation every week. True to form, I've been pretty negligent in this regard since.

Today I wanted to recommend an old friend, Jon Mitchell, who is @ablaze on micro.blog.

I've known Jon for a number of years, originally through interactions over pieces he wrote while working for ReadWrite (formerly ReadWriteWeb) and have stayed in touch on and off, mainly over email, ever since.

Jon's newsletter is always very thought provoking, regardless of the topic, and he has a tendency to make me surface ideas and opinions I wouldn't necessarily have if it wasn't for his prompts.

He doesn't send them (or blog) as often as I'd like but it's always a nice treat to see them pop into my inbox.

  1. ablaze says: #
    Hey, thanks Colin! Ugh, if I could finish half the drafts I've got going right now, I'd be able to post often enough for you.

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