# There are two types of driving.

First is functional driving, the kind you do when you need to go somewhere, that gets you from A to B in the quickest, most efficient way. Then there's the fun stuff, the driving you do just for the sake of driving.

My wife and I love to explore, to go down "new" roads, follow hitherto unknown paths purely to see what's down there.

If you have the time and fuel who cares if you get lost?

Being lost simply means you don't know where you are yet but, surely, you are meant to be right here, right now in th moment. It may not be the place you intended or imagined you would be but, with no destination, how can you be truly lost?

Having no destination gives a sense of freedom, the knowledge that you can go anywhere, without pressure or constraint.

Perhaps it's all a metaphor for life.

Saying this, there is also value in following set routes; they can be just as rewarding with discoveries all of their own. There is comfort and satisfaction with the familiar but even the familiar can be different and varied.

No matter how many times you may follow a road it will never be the same twice, much like how Heraclitus is credited with saying you can never step into the same river twice. The road conditions will always be changing, there may be different wildlife to observe, the turning of the seasons means the scenery will be ever mutable.

Changing light through time's diurnal passage causes you see things in different ways if you only take the opportunity to notice, while a blanket of fog can go from the beautifully ethereal to truly alien within a matter of moments.

You can know a route like the back of your hand during the day but at night it might as well be another world.

The metaphor gets ever deeper.