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Well played Southampton FC — going to Wembley for the Championship playoff final. Absolutely bossed it tonight and thoroughly deserve the chance to get back to the Premier League. 🔴⚪🔴⚽

# I've really struggled creatively over the past couple of months — only to be expected with the overall downturn of mood — especially with music.

I have been unhappy with everything I've started recently after the initial adrenaline rush has passed. An idea might seem okay at the outset but I quickly become disillusioned or bored with it, unable to progress.

As I mentioned on releasing "It's all in your head" it was supposed to be part of an E.P. that never happened. I began work on a second track before mentally imploding. What was there in the test version was okay, not amazing and nowhere near finished but okay.

The expectation was that I would rerecord it, get everything in place and add extra layers in software. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Settings and patches have been changed and forgotten, patterns overwritten, so there's now no way I could go back and start from scratch.

Still, listening back to that test recording (mostly done in one take with just an extra instrument added in software after) I could appreciate what I was going for and, more importantly, what was actually there. I decided to fire up the DAW and see what I could do with it.

It's never going to be perfect but, with a bit of focused effort, I'm happy with where it's going, just a little more needs to be done to smooth some rough edges. I think I'll be releasing it at some point over the next few days — most likely as a free download/pay what you want option but at least it will be out there and I can be proud of what it is instead of mourn what it isn't.

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